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The Band

The Lucky Odds are a greasy, rockabilly fueled, hard-charging, dirty little rock-n-roll band from San Antonio, TX.  Formed after a chance meeting in late 2011, The Lucky Odds hit the ground running and haven't slowed down since.
Not content to just play traditional rockabilly (not that there's anything wrong with that) The Lucky Odds are willing to step it up and throw it down to create their own version of revved-up rockabilly.
Consisting of Clayton James - stand up drummer/vocalist and J.D. -  bass/backing vocals/backing guitars, they combine their greased back hair, cuffed up jeans and black t-shirt wearing aesthetic with an old school punk rock mentality.
Focusing on straight ahead, boozed fueled, rock-n-roll styled rockabilly, The Lucky Odds bring a high intensity energy to their live shows that is sure to entertain.
Come on out to a show and see for yourself. Feel free to buy 'em a beer or two. Or three or four. Hell, buy 'em as many beers as you want.
They'll thank you for it. You never know, they might even write a song about you.

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